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OVI Cables Company (Vietnam) Technical consulting support when installing cables



OVI Cables (Vietnam) Company is committed to responding to information as soon as possible and within 24 hours to our customers.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Conditions

Customers will enjoy free warranty when the product meets the following conditions:

– The product must have the sales invoice (purchase voucher) of the seller/agent, or the warranty card of OVI CABLES (specify the place of sale and the date of sale of the product) filled in.

– In case the customer does not have a voucher for the purchase, the product’s warranty period will be calculated based on the date printed on the cable


Warranty period = Year printed on wire + Warranty period(6.1)

– Attached documents:

  • Minutes of product inspection and related acceptance records.
  • Product quality inspection certificate issued by the factory
  • Evaluation record confirming the defect by the manufacturer’s consensus among the parties involved
  • Product warranty card for the company’s products at the construction site.

The incident will be checked and assessed by both parties to an agreement, if there is no agreement, the two parties will agree to appoint a third party to investigate to investigate the cause.

Warranty period

All liquidated products distributed by Ovi Cables Company will be warranted for the following period:

STT Products Warranty period
1 Electricity cord without wall 5 years
2 Electrical wall wiring 25 years
3 Power cables other than civil wires 1 year

Warranty period is published on the company’s website http://ovicables.com/en/cskh/

Warranty application method

Horizontal exchange or debt reduction: Products with technical defects of the manufacturer within the warranty period, which cannot be repaired will be exchanged for an equivalent product, or another product as agreed. No refunds under any circumstances.

Out of warranty case

– In case the product is out of warranty, not eligible for free warranty or damaged, it is not covered by warranty.

The Company’s warranty center will refuse to provide warranty for the following products:

  • The product does not have a logo printed on the wire, the logo is printed incorrectly, and the specifications and standards are not issued.
  • Products are damaged due to force majeure events such as: natural disaster, flood, fire….
  • The product is damaged due to using the wrong power source, bad electrical connections, wrong permissible load.
  • Products are used improperly according to instructions, installed improperly as prescribed by Manufacturers or national technical regulations on electrical system installation
  • The product is changed or repaired not by Ovi Cables
  • Products are damaged by termites, oxidation, etc. due to placing in a humid environment, improper storage.
  • Products are warped, cracked, scratched, broken….due to external forces.
  • Products have expired warranty according to the period stated on the warranty card and stamp
  • No warranty for Wood Drum Accessories.