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Deadline for submission



Deadline for submission

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Job Description

1. Checking, setting up machines, Receiving and preparing materials before production.
2. Check the quality of NVL, BTP –Conducter before running the machine according to standards and regulations.
3. Transport, arrange and hand over BTP and TP after the following stages.
4. Be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing machinery daily before and after the end of work, to ensure smooth operation of machines.


1. Fully participate in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance when signing labor contracts
2. Join health insurance, accident insurance 24/24
3. 13th month bonus, monthly performance bonus.
4. Bonus on holidays and New Year according to the year.
5. Bonuses for company birthdays, self, childbirth, filial piety…
6. Allocate uniforms and provide nutritious lunches.
7. Periodic medical examination and annual travel…
8. Annual salary increase adjustment.
9. Support 60% of salary for covid days off
10.Annual professional training.

Job Requirements

1. Gender: Male
2. Graduated from junior high school or higher.
3. Experience: worked as a production worker



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